Environmental solutions.

The recycling centre: a sustainable development solution

Recyclage ÉcoSolutions inc. (RES) is a company that specializes in the management and recycling of appliances and equipment containing ozone depleting substances. (ODS).

The company operates a unique plant in North America which is devoted to recycling domestic refrigerators and freezers.. Thanks to leading-edge technologies that are specially adapted to the North American environment, RES exceeds environmental norms and standards when it comes to managing ODS, while still reaching a recycling rate of over 95% on the materials it recovers and processes.


Ecosolutions Recycling Process
and It's impact on ODS reductions

Last news

Mar 23, 2011

EcoSolutions Recycling has received the Pierre Dansereau award, given by Réseau Environnement to companies or organisations for their contribution in the air and climate changes field.

Mar 11, 2011

Jaco-Ecosolution Canada has been awarded the contract for Saskatchewan’s energy-consuming cooling appliances retirement program. JESCAN will administrate the orders, collection, and recycling operations as well as manage the program’s database and incentives.

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